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Plant lifting table HTS 3000

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Capacity (kg)3000
Platform length (mm)3000
Platform width (mm)2000
Height (mm)400
Effektive stroke (mm)1600
max. height (mm)1900
Engine power (kW)3
Lift time (s)45
Aggregate set-upinternal

Loading lifting table

Technical Specifications:

  • Load capacity: 3000 kg
  • Platform length: 3000 mm
  • Platform width: 2000 mm
  • Effektive stroke: 1600 mm adjustable
  • Design height: 400 mm


  • Fixed railings bolted to platform, arranged on the two short sides
  • Double-winged door located on one long side
  • Door is electrically monitored, i.e. it can only be opened outwards when the platform is in the lower end position
  • Manual overload flaps on a longitudinal side in split design, flap length 600 m
  • In the lowered state, the flaps lie down on the floor
  • The flaps can be folded upwards by 100° and remain on top
  • Flap widths: 200 mm, 666 mm, 666 mm, 666 mm, 200 mm

Unit version:

  • internal for 100 complete lifts / day

Safety equipment:

  • safety strip all round
  • the limit switches for the contact strip and the lift limiter are safety switches in accordance with VDE 0113 with forced separation
  • folding inspection rests
  • pipe break safety valves installed on the cylinder, which prevent uncontrolled lowering of the lifting platform the line is broken.


The lifting platform is designed as a robust welded structure and consists of:

  • torsion-resistant profile frame
  • shear arms are rigidly welded to the shear arms
  • high lateral stability is thereby achieved
  • fixed and centre bearing in screwed design with low-maintenance joint bearings
  • track rim pulleys with maintenance-free roller bearings dust-protected with long-term lubrication
  • welding tabs with levelling screws
  • running rails replaceable


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