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Hydraulic flat form lifting table 03-03

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Capacity (kg)1500
Platform length (mm)3000
Platform width (mm)2000
Height (mm)375
Effektive stroke (mm)1000
max. height (mm)1375
Engine power (kW)2,2
Lift time (s)22
Aggregate set-upinternal

Hydraulic flat form lifting table


Lifting table for height adjustment

High stability of the lifting table and perfect running characteristics of the floating bearing on the base plate for good circulating foot clearance
High-quality cylinders that interlock in the shears
No deformation on the platform caused by applied forces
Plain bearing for long service life


  • Platform 1 has a curved attachment with 585 mm length on the left, as well as a rectangular attachment with 200 mm length on the right
  • Platform 2 has a curved extension with 585 mm length on the right
  • Mounting bolts with rubber buffer

Technical specifications:

Payload: 250 kg
Lifting range: 80 mm - 330 mm
Effektive stroke: 250 mm
Lifting time: approx. 4 sec
Lowering time: approx. 4 sec
Design height: 80 mm
- dimensions: 1285x500 mm or 1485x613mm
- material: Tear plate

Hydraulic unit:

  • Houtside lifting table, on 2 m hose
  • on a leak oil pan


  • 0,75  kW IE1
  • Valve:   24 VDC

Hydraulic cylinders:

  • plunger cylinder, red lacquered
  • piston rod hard chromium plated
  • operating voltage: 230 V 1/N/PE 50 Hz
  • control voltage: 24 VDC


  • AP push button UP/DOWN EMERGENCY (dead man)
  • key to 6 m cable. Adjustable lifting and lowering limit switches
  • IP 65 for outdoor use
  • Hubendschalter auf C-Schiene stufenlos einstellbar


  • circumferential foot guard switchboard
  • tube breakage protection in the cylinder
  • lowering brake valve
  • maintenance supports
  • pressure relief valve
  • the design complies with the applicable EN1570-1 guidelines


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