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Hydraulic flat-scissors lifting table HF 05-04

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Capacity (kg)500
Platform length (mm)3500
Platform width (mm)1500
Height (mm)90
Effektive stroke (mm)250
Engine power (kW)1,1
Lift time (s)6

Hydraulik-flat-scissor lifting table Type HF 05-04


Platform for adjusting workplace height

  • Robust design to withstand large loads
  • Stable and torsion-resistant platform
  • Use of high-quality plunger cylinders
  • Plain bearing for long service life
  • Solid floating bearing rollers


  • Railing screwed to 1 longitudinal side
  • Circumferential edge as a mount for the rubber mat
  • Rubber mat laid loosely on the platform
  • Set-up bolts with rubber buffer as end position damping
  • Heavy-duty dowel included
  • Dead weight approx. 750 kg

Technical Specifications:

Payload: 500 kg
Lifting range: 90 mm - 340 mm
Effektive stroke: 250 mm
Lifting time: approx. 6 sec
Lowering time: approx. 6 sec
Design heigth: 90 mm
- dimensions:3500 x 1500 mm
- material:     smooth sheet metal           

Hydaulic unit:

  • outside lifting table on 3 m hose
  • red / black lacquered
  • on a leak oil pan
  • max. duty cycle 10% (hydr. 360 sec/h)


  • 1,1 kW IE1
  • Valve: 24 VDC

Hydraulic cylinders:   

  • plunger cylinger, red lacquered
  • piston rod hard chromium plated
  • operation voltage:230 V 1/N/PE 50 Hz
  • control voltage: 24 VDC


  • AP push button UP/DOWN EMERGENCY (dead man)
  • on 3 m cable. Adjustable lifting limit switch
  • IP 54 for indoor use
  • main switch or EURO connector on the customer side


  • circumferential foot guard switchboard
  • tube breakage protection in the cylinder
  • lowering brake valve
  • maintenance supports
  • pressure relief valve
  • The design complies with the applicable EN1570-1 guidelines.


  • Standard):
  • steel structure blasted with pretreatment according to EN ISO 12944 in combination with ST 3 pretreated parts according to DIN ISO 8501/1.
  • coating material 2 K-PUR thick film with high chemical and oil resistance.
  • colour RAL 5010. 
  • warning mark around the platform edge


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